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Houston Black Music Awards

Presented by Black Music Awards

Houston Black Music Awards


June 23, 2024
Sunday, 6:00 pm


Tickets start at $104

VIP Experience: Includes premium seat and pre-show/red carpet

Experience an electrifying weekend at the prestigious Wortham Theater during the 3rd Annual Houston Black Music Awards on June 23! Join us to immerse yourself in Houston's vibrant music scene, honor its exceptional talent, and enjoy unforgettable performances while celebrating the soulful beats that define our city's culture.

The Black Music Association and Academy of the Arts (BMA) has been dedicated since 1999 to recognizing and honoring trailblazers in music. From established icons to emerging talents, we ensure that their contributions to the global music landscape are duly acknowledged. Our mission is to infuse Houston with excitement and entertainment by spotlighting greatness wherever it emerges.

At the BMA, we foster music, artists, and enthusiasts alike, forging pathways for emerging talents while paying homage to legendary artists. Our events showcase a diverse spectrum of musical talent, celebrating both emerging artists and revered legends. We foster a community where musical brilliance thrives and honor excellence, diversity, and legacy in music.

Our content weaves together a rich tapestry of stories, performances, and celebrations, all highlighting the brilliance and diversity of Black music. Each element, from exclusive interviews with industry icons, to captivating performances by emerging talents, resonates with passion and purpose, creating a dynamic experience for our audience.

Join our community by nominating artists, attending events, or volunteering. Whether you seek recognition as an artist or wish to support our mission as a music enthusiast, there are many ways to celebrate and shape the future of Black music with us.

For ADA information, please contact the Box Office at 713-227-4772 or email info@performingartshouston.org.