Collaborative Arts Project

The Collaborative Arts Project (CAP) is a customizable residency shaped by teaching artists in partnership with classroom teachers, making use of creative writing to expand horizons beyond traditional middle-school Fine Arts instruction. During 10 classroom sessions augmented by interactions with world-class professional artists and visits to the theater, CAP students will be inspired, deepen their artistic expertise, and connect with world-class professional artists through a school program that highlights the strengths of Performing Arts Houston access initiatives.

CAP Classrooms during the 22/23 Season were located at the following campuses:

  • Clifton Middle School (Funded by the Arts Action Fund @ Arts Connect Houston)
  • Hartman Middle School
  • The HUB Houston
  • Ortiz Middle School (Funded by the Arts Action Fund @ Arts Connect Houston)
  • Williams Middle School
  • Garcia Middle School

For more information on how to bring the Collaborative Arts Project into your middle school dance or visual art classroom, email us at or call 713-632-8112.

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